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Grandma's Recipe for 'Spinach and Mozzarella Pasta' Is a True Classic

There’s nothing better than those recipes that have been passed down over generations. They hold warm connections to our history and they have been perfected over the years. TikTok content creator @chefdaniellesepsy shows us how to make grandma’s signature spinach and mozzarella pasta. And it looks so yummy!

This sensational recipe will become a favorite for generations in your family, too. Always listen to Grandma!

This looks so exceptional! Our grandmothers always know best when it comes to cooking. Start by sautéing diced vidalia onion in olive oil, add red pepper flakes, and then minced garlic. In another pot, sauté baby spinach in olive oil. Add a can of peeled, ground tomatoes to the onion mixture, and then red wine. Season with salt and sugar, partially cover and allow to cook. Once the sauce is ready, she adds in the baby spinach, along with a little pasta water, and diced mozzarella. Add in your cooked pasta noodles and top this divine dish with grated Parmesan cheese. We need this meal right now!

The audience loved grandma’s recipe, and viewer @Jan commented, "I am so in love with you all!! I am a culinary school graduate and I so wish Grandma could have been my teacher!!” And the video’s creator @chefdaniellesepsy replied, "Aww thank you!! I went to culinary school, too, but nothing compares to what grandma teaches me!!” We believe it. Viewer @DaBunny01 noted, “Sounds like my mema. I grew up in NY and she made something similar. I miss her! Looks great!” And the video creator replied, "I’m so lucky to have her, can you believe 88 years old!?” No, we sure can’t! Grandma’s cooking must also be the fountain of youth. 

We appreciate learning from the great ones. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us grandma, we will make good use of it. We know our family will cherish this recipe, too!