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‘Starbucks’ Barista Gets the Unexpected Surprise of His Life During a Routine Shift

Most of us think about Starbucks when we’re on the way to work or need a coffee fix. We’re wrapped up in our own lives that we rarely think about the workers. But thinking about others should be ingrained in our society. Life can be rough, so it’s nice when we show kindness to everyone, even strangers. Treating people with compassion could make a profound impact. You never know what another person is going through. 

In a recent TikTok video that several users have re-uploaded, a young woman decides to do a random act of kindness at Starbucks. The video creator @perri speaks with a Barista working the drive-thru window. We’re confident he didn’t expect this to happen. This is giving us all the feels.

We know you cried when you saw what she did! Manny will never forget the day he received flowers and $1,000 to buy a car. Let’s see how the TikTok audience felt about her actions. User @Teresa said, “You’re a great human. The world needs more people like you.” @DeeJayDoubleU disclosed, “I’m not crying…you’re crying! Please keep us updated on him. He seems so sweet!” @Tommy_the_cat76 revealed, “@perri, You’re truly a blessing. I can relate. I struggle with depression, and watching this video brought a smile to my face. Stay strong, Manny!”

Yes, @perri did a wonderful thing for that young man. We hope she films an update so we can find out if Manny got his car. If you want to stay updated, check out @perri’s TikTok channel.

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