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Starbucks Barista Makes 'Hello Kitty Frappuccino' and We Have to Have It

When you think of Starbucks, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the recognizable logo? Or perhaps it’s the delicious coffee and treats they sell. Whatever comes to mind, it probably isn’t a cartoon character. Well, that’s about to change. Starbucks baristas are filming themselves creating drinks on and off the menu. It’s exciting to watch them in action. They seem to make their beverages with love. In today’s video, one Starbucks barista creates a mouth-watering drink that triggers childhood memories.

In a TikTok video by content creator @bellamiss, she makes a tasty Hello Kitty Frappuccino. Talk about a blast from the past! Hello, Kitty’s been around for decades. If you’re a cartoon fan, just wait until you see the beverage made in its honor. Why aren't we drinking this right now? 

We were so amazed by the result that we missed the ingredients. But after re-watching it, we realized it was made with vanilla bean Frappuccino, milk, sugar, ice, raspberries, dragonfruit, and respect for the customer. Okay, so some of that we read in the comment posted by @bellamiss. Let’s see if the TikTok viewers want to try this Hello Kitty Frappuccino. User @Mapleglaze..wcue disclosed, “I'd actually try that. LOL.” @SimplyxE1la exclaimed, “I NEED THAT IN MY HAND RIGHT NOW!” @itscorina_m said, “Look good, though.” @Tik Toker wrote, “I need that.” 

Many TikTok viewers were saying you can’t order it at Starbucks. It might be available at select locations. But you may get lucky when you visit your local Starbucks. If you enjoyed this video, please visit @bellamiss’s TikTok channel for more Starbucks drinks.