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Starbucks Barista Makes a ‘Marble Frappuccino’ and We’re On a Sugar High

If you’re a regular visitor to our website, you know that we love our Starbucks videos. They are great to watch, especially when we see a drink made by a barista or a review of a new drink. Starbucks offers so many delicious beverages that it’s difficult not to want to drink them all. But to do so would add up to a small fortune. However, some drinks need to be tasted because they look too good to pass up. Today’s Starbucks video doesn’t disappoint and will probably make you thirsty.

In a TikTok video by content creator @itsjoboi, he makes a Marble Frappuccino while working. This Starbucks barista has got skills because his concoction looked terrific. It's very sweet but totally worth it.

We don’t know how he’s able to make these drinks all day without wanting to taste them all. We suppose that it becomes a routine after making them all the time. But we’re thankful he chose to film himself making the Marble Frappuccino because now we want one. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about this sweet beverage. User @CEO Of Verified Replies👍 said, “It actually looks good, but I did not try it.” @rootbeer060 admitted, “I like Starbucks too, but that’s too much sugar.” @💜Lime's Race💜 revealed, “Me knowing that I have had this before: it’s my favorite drink, man.” @MommyahSaraKim🇰🇷🇵🇭 stated, “I dunno if Korea Starbucks can do this. Hahaha.”

We understand the drink looks like pure sugar. If you’re unable to consume that much sweetness in a day, it’s okay. You can have to drink with substitutions that fit your dietary needs. To stay updated on all things Starbucks, visit @itsjoboi’s TikTok channel. We know you’ll enjoy watching all those lovely Frappuccinos being made.

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