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Starbucks Barista Makes a Sugar-Free Cold Drink That Looks Simply Sensational

Starbucks is the go-to spot for all things coffee. That’s because their beverages taste fantastic. It’s not surprising that you can find a Starbucks within a five- to a ten-mile radius in many states. People love their coffee, and Starbucks has a variety to suit everyone’s needs. Starbucks offers cold brews, Frappuccinos, and refreshers if you're a fan of cold drinks. We recommend giving each a try. But if you’re one of those who likes cold brews, then we’ve got the drink for you.

In a TikTok video by content creator @peachiemariam is a Starbucks barista that films herself making drinks. Today’s video shows her making up a sugar-free cold drink that a customer requested. It looks rather tasty to us. You won't miss the sugar in this drink.

We’d love to give this drink a try. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s sugar-free. The American diet consists of too much sugar anyway. It’s good to cut down where you can. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this cold concoction. User @Miranda Garcia said, “Yasss Americano almond milk sf vanilla cinnamon and heavy cream is addicting af.” @Promise Victoria wrote, “That’s what I get. But just an Americano with those toppings.” @Mariana said, “That looks really good. Getting it tomorrow since my order is getting boring.” @MrsSarahGHill exclaimed, “TRIED IT! OMG! But I added two pumps of brown sugar, and it tastes like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch coffee.”

We’re happy many people like this drink idea and even chose to alter it for their tastes. If you enjoy watching Starbucks baristas at work, please visit @peachiemariam’s TikTok channel. It’s full of footage you don’t want to miss. 

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