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Starbucks Worker Shares Secret ‘Barista-Only’ Drinks and We’re Seriously Envious

Working in retail or food service comes with a few perks. No, we don’t mean the aggressive customers or standing for long periods. But some jobs in clothing stores or restaurants have minor benefits often overlooked. In some cases, stores allow employees a discount on merchandise. They may also put away a new item to purchase before it becomes available to the public. Restaurants might allow staff a discount and to sample the menu items, too.

In a recent TikTok video by user @otismilk, we’re allowed to see a glimpse of a Starbucks barista’s perks. The brief video shows her creating a tasty beverage. However, there’s a catch. You can’t order these concoctions off the menu. Check out how amazing they look, though.

We’re fans of cool, refreshing drinks! That off-menu beverage looks delicious. True, Starbucks offers a variety of beverages, but we always want what we can’t have. Do the viewers of TikTok feel our pain? User @dev said, “I can’t wait to make this on my next shift.” @Mindy Heath replied, “I’m adding this to my shopping list so I can make it at home. Thank you.” @Morgan disclosed, “Bruh, not even my own baristas will make it or let me behind the counter.” However, @Cheyenne revealed, “I’m so happy my friend works there and will make whatever I ask. I still pay, of course, but she’s willing to do a bunch of weird stuff.”

It seems the ability to try off-menu drinks is an individual case. If you aren’t fortunate enough to work there or have a bestie willing to help you, you could always try whipping up these secret concoctions at home!