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Woman Boldly Complains About New ‘Starbucks’ Cups and People Are Here For It

When you’re commuting to work, so many things can go wrong. The kids might oversleep. The dog barfs all over the floor. You might need to stop for gas. But what if the thing that goes wrong isn’t personal? Suppose you decide to grab breakfast or a coffee at your favorite spot. There might be long lines. They could run out of what you wanted to order. The list goes on.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @heyitsbroski, she rants about the new clear plastic Starbucks cups. The problem seems to be the huge hole in the front of the lid. It leaves the door open for more spills and makes it almost impossible to shake up your drink. Nobody is a fan of these new cups.

Wow! We weren’t expecting her to risk her white blouse to shake up her drink! We admit we wouldn’t be so brave while wearing white. White seems to attract stains like no other color. Let’s see if the TikTok community was for or against her actions. User @Gabriel said, “This was so chaotic, and I’m here for it.” @amajor166 revealed, “I was like swirl the cup. This was more impressive and two-handed.” @Tony Ramirez replied, “Bold. Brave. Iconic. The courage to do that in a white blouse.” 

However, not everyone was a fan of her headbanging action. @Non- existent_Weeb said, “There is no point in the cold foam if you shake the drink. LOL. Like literally no reason.” @Mick Black disclosed, “Excuse me, but you are supposed to drink it through the layers. Not mix it.” We think @heyitsbroski bought it, so she can shake it up if she wants. But regardless of whether the drink needs stirring, she’s incredible for conquering that cup in a white blouse.

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