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Brand New Summer 'Starbucks' Drinks Sound Like a Dream Come True

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Around here, we enjoy trying new things. It could be the latest flavor of Doritos or the most recent Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We’re ready to roll whenever a new food or snack is available. Well, this week, there were two new drinks introduced at Starbucks. Yes, everyone’s favorite go-to coffee place has released two new beverages. 

In a recent video by content creator and Starbucks barista @peachiemariam, she makes us the new Paradise and Passionfruit Refreshers. They look delicious! We’re pulling out our phones and going into the app right now. We can't wait to try these!

If only we could pull food from our screens. The world would be a fantastic place with those abilities. But alas, we still have to visit a Starbucks or have a kind person or delivery person bring it to us. Let’s see if the TikTok community wants a sip of these. User @ary29 said, “This isn’t gonna help my Starbs addiction; I can already tell.” @Leah💃🏽 expressed, “I don’t know which one to get now 😫 lemonade or coconut?” @janessa Salcedo revealed, “Fun fact! The pineapple refresher was actually made to pair well with the coconut milk!” @Amy Amador disclosed, “From a barista at Starbies, we found that the paradise drink w a little raspberry syrup tastes like a pina colada!”

These drinks sound scrumptious. We’re be getting ours very soon. But remember, if you don’t enjoy these new drinks, Starbucks still offers your go-to’s. If you liked this video, please visit @peachiemariam’s TikTok channel. There are plenty of Starbucks videos to feed your craving.