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Mom's Spooky Store-Bought Cupcake Dessert Hack Is the Treat of the Season

If you’re not really into holiday baking and decorating is more your speed, add this Halloween treat to your want-to-do list. TikTok content creator @lor182 shows us how to make an adorable treat using store-bought cupcakes. These cupcakes are a must-have for your Halloween party!

Get all the fun of decorating, without the hassle of baking!

It’s possible that we cried a little when we saw those pretty cupcakes getting all smashed up. Upon further consideration, we realized they would taste fabulous this way, too. Those little orange pumpkins are just so cute in their purple chocolate hats. The sensationally sweet idea is a keeper for Halloween and could be customized to fit just about anything. They would be super for birthday parties and maybe even New Year’s Eve, too. We think they could look quite fancy in black and white, with a little edible glitter, too. How fun and delicious!

Some of the audience was feeling a bit hesitant, but most were ready to decorate. Viewer @Brenda Amaya Bryson commented, "Idk what people are saying. These definitely look easy. It’s just quite a few steps, but none of them are advanced by any means. Great idea!” We think it’s a great idea too! Viewer @notsarah gave us another option, “Adorable!!!! I wanna make the bottom green and make little witches!” And viewer @NeverYours added, "Omg I still have a memory of a mom bringing these to a class party when I was in Kindergarten!! So fun!!” What a great way to make memories! 

If you don’t mind a sticky kitchen, this great idea would also be fun to do with the kids. We are looking forward to having some creative time and making these very soon!