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This Kitchen Staple Will Get Your Stovetop Shining

You definitely have this in your kitchen.

For folks who are in a constant state of worry about their kitchen, it can feel like things can just never get clean enough. Not matter how many times you hit certain areas in your kitchen, sometimes big brand cleaners don't lift the stains and residue completely off of various surfaces, and this is especially true of your stovetop. 

Before you resign to a dirty looking stove, you actually might want to turn to your pantry for a solution. There are so many natural ingredients that get the job done without the harsh chemicals or frustration. In fact, for the stovetop, you really only need two ingredients: Lemon and baking soda. Yes, really.


First, they ladle baking soda all over the stovetop evenly with a nice and healthy coat. Then taking half a lemon, they squeeze it all over and let it "sizzle." That of course isn't heat, it's the acidic properties of the lemon reaction with the baking soda to create a lemony, slightly abrasive scrub. Using a handled scrub brush, they worked the paste into the stovetop surface. Next, they take a fluffy, clean towel and wipe away the mixture.

Afterwards, you'll see a clean and sparkling surface. Plus, the lemon will leave behind a fresh scent harsh cleaners just don't. The good news is you can also use this mixture all over the kitchen, and it makes a great scrub for the sink and sink build up as well!

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