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New ‘Stranger Things’ Pizzas Have People Freaking Out

The hit series Stranger Things is back for a season 4. This supernatural meets sci-fi Netflix hit is the best love letter to every 80s kid! From the big hair, scary monsters, and rad tunes, Stranger Things offers everything you love about the decade of material wealth. But there’s one thing about the show most people overlook. It’s the food. Anyone who’s watched the show has spotted them munching on KFC, Eggo Waffles, and Benny’s Burgers. Yet, that’s not all they eat in Hawkins.

In a recent viral video by user @kevinbooty, he makes a fantastic discovery at his local Walmart. Believe it or not, they’re actually making Stranger Things pizzas. Whether you’re a diehard fanatic or have kids that watch the show, you’ll want to pick up a few. Fans of the show are flipping out over these.

We can’t believe Stranger Things is selling pizza through Walmart! It’s the gift we didn’t know we needed. Let’s see how the TikTok family feels. User @Stephnicole85 said, “They are actually pretty good! Son loves this show, so we got them!” @Just Rachel revealed, “The crust is amazing.” User @BFFsaid, “Bro, I need that.” @Zoetique remarked, “Say no more. LOL.” Check out part two to see how the pizza looks.

Well, they certainly look delicious! We expected them to be bigger, but hopefully, they’re filling. Are TikTok viewers ready to spend some cash on them? User @Niko Fischer1031 exclaimed, “Yoooo! I’m going to get one asap!” @Jonathan disclosed, “Love how you put it straight on the grate, the only way to do it!!!!” @Stacey asked, “Okay, but how did it taste? We all need answers.” Good question, @Stacey. Let’s watch part three to find out.

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Lucky for us, pepperoni is one of our favorite pizzas. We’ll be running out to the store shortly. If you enjoyed the Stranger Things pizza series, check out @kevinbooty’s TikTok channel. It’s full of family-friendly content. 

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