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Recipe for Strawberry Ice Cream From the 1890s Is a True Blast From the Past

Have you ever wondered how people did tasks like cooking, cleaning, or clothes washing back in the 1890s? Good, we’re glad we’re not alone. But you have to admit it’s a valid question to ask. Most of today's tasks are completed with some form of technology. The biggest contributor is electricity. However, we do recognize people also use natural gas stoves. But without electricity, we couldn’t run a vacuum cleaner, use a washing machine or turn on an air fryer. We rely on electricity, yet most people in the 1890s weren’t so fortunate. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @dupageforest, she shows us how to make strawberry ice cream in an 1890s way. Watching her go to work on this recipe made us thankful for electricity. However, it’s still awesome to learn how it was done. This would be pretty cool to try!

If you’ve tried an old-fashioned ice cream maker with a churn, you know it’s exhausting but worth the effort. You’ll get a workout from using it, which isn’t bad. Let’s see how the TikTok community felt about this educational clip. User @Snowie Tsutsuji said, “I would love to be able to go! It looks amazing!” @That Birth Keeper revealed, “Not everyone being shocked about the egg, but if you go through the expensive ice cream tubs in supermarkets, most have egg.” @seanchai0 joked, “Churning is SO MUCH FUN....for two minutes.” 

We totally agree that churning gets old after a few minutes. That’s why we respect the people who lived before us. They had to do everything by hand, and it took much longer. If you enjoyed this piece of ice cream history, visit @dupageforest’s TikTok. You’ll be sure to learn something new.

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