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Woman’s Nifty Hack for Using Strawberries Is a Must-Try for Sure

When it comes to the fruit, most of us are suckers for strawberries. Perhaps it’s the vibrant red color that attracts us. Maybe it’s the unique sweetness that keeps us coming back. But whatever it is about strawberries, we love eating them. However, the prep work and cutting aren’t fun. Slicing up those delicious berries can feel tedious, depending on what you’re making. 

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @tstafferskemnahb, she shows her hack for making the most out of these gorgeous berries. Out of all the ways we’ve thought of using strawberries, this way is a game-changer. It’s definitely an inventive idea. We never would’ve thought to do this!

Those strawberries look very inviting. You want to eat them all! But using the tops of the strawberries is a fantastic idea. Most of us usually toss them. So, making strawberry vinegar out of scraps is terrific. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels. User @petree57 said, “Did not know this. Thank you for sharing.” @grammasofia replied, “Well, geez. Here I’ve been throwing them in my compost all this time. LOL! I might give this a try.” 

Many of the viewers are fans of strawberry vinegar. But some offered their ideas for using the unneeded strawberry tops. User @Amy Banack said, “Strawberry vodka is better. LOL!” @Wild Oats suggested, “I use strawberry tops to make syrup. It’s amazing.” We’re sold on both ideas. If you enjoyed this video, head over to @tstafferskemnahb’s TikTok video. You’ll find more helpful content for using your scrappy-doos.

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