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Recipe for Homemade 'Sunday Smash Burgers' Is Perfect for Any Night of the Week

We all love a good burger, but with summer behind us, sometimes we forget to add it to the fall menu. TikTok content creator @cookinginthemidwest shares his Sunday smash burger recipe with us, and we know the whole family will be thrilled to see burger night again!

This smash burger recipe will make you a dinner hero!

My goodness, those look flavorful! The melty cheese on those juicy burgers with the sweet toasty brioche is driving us crazy!

He begins by taking 8, 2-ounce balls of ground beef, and he spaces them out on a sheet pan. He covers them in parchment, then he uses another sheet pan over the parchment and smashes down the patties. How smart! He spreads thinly-sliced onions, mustard, and seasoning all over the patties. He tops them again with the parchment and gives them one more smash to push in the onions. He places each patty on the grill, onion side down. He adds the cheese and gets it all nicely melted. Then, he transfers them to those toasty buns that have been slathered in burger sauce. Sensational!

Viewer @MeganObry shared a good report, “I made these for the first time last week. I don’t think I'll ever want a burger a different way.” Viewer @spades2357 commented, “Wow. I'm going to try that on our next BBQ day. What kind of burger sauce do you use?” And the recipe's creator replied with, “I’ve done all kinds, but this was just mayo, ketchup, and mustard!” So easy, and great to know!

A cheeseburger tastes as good in the fall as it does the summer, and we're grateful for the reminder to put this in the rotation. We'll be picking up those brioche buns on our way home!