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Woman Transforms Sushi Into Gorgeous Works of Art That Are Going Viral

Japanese food is fantastic! No, really, we love it! If you’re a fan of savory sauces mixed with vegetables, noodles, and seafood, it’s perfect for you. But there’s so much more to Japanese food than what we just described. A Japanese delicacy that’s traveled all over the world is sushi. Sushi is the best. Not only are the ingredients simple, but they’re healthy. That’s a combination we can all appreciate.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @stickaforkinme, we see another side of sushi. Her rolls are artistic and vibrant. We doubt you’ve seen anything like this before because we certainly haven’t. We’ll never look at sushi the same way again!

See what we mean by artistic and vibrant? Those sushi rolls look too pretty to eat! But we would love to try them. People who watched the video are loving this idea. User @Layla Gregoire said, “Well, THAT is a piece of art.” @Johanna Falzone replied, “ This sushi looks amazing!!! Omg!!! I can only dream of having these skills.” @Subway surfer edits! remarked, “I love sushi! OMG!” @R_K_I_N_D exclaimed, “Gimme that sushi burger NOW!” @idk 😇 disclosed, “BRO, I WANTED SUSHI TODAY.” @

See, we’re glad we aren’t the only ones who thought so @

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