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Healthier Version of 'Avocado Toast' Just Became Our New Go-To Breakfast

We would not have thought of this ourselves. This wonderful breakfast idea is going to impress you! You won’t be able to guess the grain-free ingredient that TikTok content creator @alexakliman used as the “toast” in this avocado toast recipe. Pure genius! 

This swap is about to change your breakfast game forever! Sorry, standard avocado toast. There's a new star in town! 

Wow, that sure looks outstanding! Using sliced, roasted sweet potatoes as the “toast” is such a great idea! We think the sweetness from the potatoes must blend so beautifully with the creaminess of the avocado. Topping those two veggies off with a gorgeous fried egg and all that beautiful runny yolk is making us feel faint. Adding pumpkin seeds to this “toast” is just pushing us right over the edge. That additional crunch really feels perfect in this recipe. This breakfast twist is one of the best ideas we have seen for serving an egg grain- and gluten-free.

The audience was happy to learn this idea, and @Ella commented, 
“Sweet potatoes are my fave!! This looks amazing.” We could ’t agree more. Viewer @bellagotbank shared some great news with us, saying, “They have frozen slices at Whole Foods.” We looked this up immediately, and they sure do! Yay, thank you @bellagotbank! We've already added these roasted sweet potato slices to our shopping list, and we could ’t be happier! 

We are always in the market for a new way to serve eggs, and this veggie rich beauty, gives us another great option. It’s always good to get some nutrition in early in the day!