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New ‘Taco Bell Defy’ Restaurant Has People Totally Freaking Out

If you’re familiar with the film Demolition Man, you know which fast-food brand won the franchise wars. That’s right! It was Taco Bell. The film depicts a Taco Bell restaurant that’s very sophisticated and upscale. It’s all done in a very stylish manner. If you re-watch the film, you’ll wish our Taco Bell had valet parking. Perhaps, the movie will inspire the brand to take things to the next level.

In a TikTok video by user @mtopyt, we see an exterior tour of a new Taco Bell Defy located in Minnesota. The building is better than most Taco Bell restaurants. The future of Taco Bell has clearly arrived. 

Wow, that’s a big Taco Bell! It’s equipped to handle the lunch and dinner rush. Let’s see how the TikTok community feels about this ginormous restaurant. User @Leafenstein replied, “We're so close to a 5-star Taco Bell restaurant.” @Milk 🥛 revealed, “I would fly across the country to experience this gloriousness.”@Dennys Mejia said, “Few steps away from being just like in Demolition Man. LOL!” @. disclosed, “Lucky to say this is a few miles from my house.” That’s great that people are excited about the new Taco Bell. Wait until you see what it looks like lit up at night!

Thanks to user @tonygman89, we get to see the pretty lights welcoming customers to pick up their orders. User @Lynsey Gottselig said, “And that’s how it should be done! For those that actually order ahead of time, get their own line!” @Kevin Moore, Realtor, remarked, “This looks amazing.” Yes, it does make older Taco Bells look a bit outdated. But we’re positive the company will renovate all restaurants to keep up with changing trends and technology. 

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