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Mom's Quick and Easy Salad Hack Gives Lunch a Major Upgrade

There's really nothing better than a huge, crispy, filling salad. However, sometimes it's kind of a pain to chop up all the ingredients. We're all so busy and pressed for time these days, the last thing we need is to spend forever making lunch! Enter this cool taco-inspired salad jar hack, which totally saves the day.

A TikTok video sharing the recipe was posted by @meowmeix, and with nearly a million views, it's safe to say this salad is a lunchtime game-changer. No seriously. Just wait until you see how colorful and appealing this dish is. You'll want to make it right away.

OMG. Doesn't that look absolutely delicious? And what a great idea to prep a few jars in advance. That way, you can just pull lunch out of the fridge when you're ready, dump it on a plate, and voila! Needless to say, people are loving this recipe and can't wait to make it. One TikTok user, @Amanda Johnson didn't waste any time whipping it up, saying, "Great idea! I completely went out and did the same, worked great! Thanks for the recipe 😁." Another fan of the video, @Molly's Life had a suggestion for an addition to the jars: "Top with a little ranch, too. Mmmmmmmm! Thanks for this!" And another commenter added, "I never eat salads, but I want one after watching this 😂😁."

The creator must have a thing for jarred salads. She also shared this recipe for a chicken pecan goat cheese salad that has us salivating.

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Ok, so it's time to go ahead and order some of those wide-mouthed Mason jars from Amazon. Regular salads just aren't going to cut it after seeing this.

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