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Mind-Blowing 'Taco Pizza' From New Jersey Pizza Joint Has Us Totally Captivated

If you’re a pizza lover, you probably have a favorite place to go. Pizza is something that you don’t want to mess up. People take it personally when the pizza isn’t hitting right. Creating a delicious pizza is simple. There are plenty of variables at play. The dough, sauce, toppings, and water used to make the dough are essential. If one of those ingredients isn’t right, then the pizza may flop. But sometimes, a restaurant has all the elements to make a fantastic pizza.

In a TikTok video by content creator @devourpower shares footage of himself trying the Taco Pizza at Tony Boloneys in Jersey City, New Jersey. We had no idea they made pizzas with real tacos included. This is just unreal.

Wow! We were mesmerized by the three tacos on the slice of pizza. His slice is giving us meal vibes. We’re confident you won’t go away hungry after devouring that pizza. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers feel about it. User @PhantomAvocado2 said, “I need this.” @Guy wrote, “I mean you better eat it right away. Five minutes in the display case, and it’s gonna be mush.” @Ariel Castillo replied, “@hannahhlouiise, this is how a proper introduction is done right.” @nandini remarked, “The real Mexican pizza.” @AuntieMare revealed, “It is like the prettiest pizza I’ve seen.”

It looks like people really want to give this Taco Pizza a try. If you enjoyed the clip and want to take a trip to Tony Boloney’s, visit their website for locations. To stay updated on new content, visit @devourpower’s TikTok channel. You’ll love what you see.

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