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Mom's Recipe for 'Taco Tot Casserole' Is Honestly the Stuff of Dreams

The beautiful thing about casseroles is it is the perfect vehicle for combining two different foods into one. Think of any two foods you love, then imagine mixing them up and baking it in a casserole dish. Delicious.

This is exactly what TikTok content creator @whatsmomcookin did with this Taco Tot Casserole. She combined the typical taco ingredients in a casserole dish, placed a layer of tater tots over it, and topped the dish off with a hearty layer of shredded cheese, before baking it in the oven. In her video she explains the cooking process, so check it out for further detail on how to create this dish, and see how scrumptious it looks!

We are truly salivating over this dish! The Taco Tot Casserole seems simple enough to make in a pinch while still impressing everyone who eats it.

So many people in the comments thought this dish looked amazing, and several people said they would try making it that night. @debotronix said, "Yes!! Guess what I'm having for dinner? Thanks for the inspiration!" and @keyonna0911 commented, "Now I'm going to remake it, so mine will look like yours!" This recipe is certainly something to aspire to re-create!

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Others commented their own ideas for similar dishes. @alejandrojuanm suggested, "How about a breakfast tater tots with chorizo, egg and cheese?" Umm, yes please! @heisenberg_felina commented, "Looks delicious mama! I would top it with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream on my plate!!!" Great idea to complete the taco taste!

If you try making this yummy dish, we suggest wearing loose pants! We don't think just one serving will be enough to satisfy this craving.

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