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Woman’s Joke About the Reality of People Taking Pics of Their Food Is Spot-On

Ever since the creation of social media, people have taken pictures and posted them daily. Things we only saw if we spent time with a person are now on the internet for all to see. Whether it’s selfies or vlogs, people post just about everything. So, it’s not surprising when pictures of people’s meals begin popping up in your feed. While not everyone is a fan, sometimes those pictures inspire our lunch or dinner.

In a viral TikTok video by user @moraisrsj, we see what it’s like to dine out with a friend who enjoys posting pictures on social media. You’ll appreciate the behind-the-scenes reveal. This is so true, and people are cracking up!

The expression on her face said it all! Ha! We all want to be courteous at our dinner party. So, it’s polite to take your picture fast so people can eat. TikTok users couldn’t wait to weigh in on this one. User @pittieroffools said, “I let people know to take a pic of their food. The gram doesn’t need to see mine.” @jollyworms disclosed, “I give people about 15 seconds.” User @devile15 revealed, “Friend did this to us in a group of 4. She had one take. She asked to redo again. I said, “nope!” And started eating. It takes confidence. LOL.”

Yes, we agree with @devile15 about setting time limits on taking photos. We all want to enjoy our meals. You don’t want a table of hangry people confiscating your phone. So, shoot fast and eat. If you enjoyed this video, check out @moraisrsj’s TikTok channel. It’s full of entertaining content.

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