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Teenager Makes Impressive ‘Spiderman and Venom’ Cake That Leaves Us Speechless

Cakes are one of the best ways to celebrate an occasion. People use them for birthdays, engagements, or retirements. Sometimes, the cakes are homemade. But that’s not always feasible depending on the event. That’s why we turn to bakers. Those are the special people who bake cakes for a living. Talk about a yummy job! However, not all bakers look the same.

In a recent TikTok video by @simplysweetsbyaniya, a Spiderman and Venom cake is created by this 13-year-old cake star. We don’t know about you, but our cake skills weren’t nearly this evolved at that age. She’s on her way to being a pro baker!

We still can’t believe she made that cake. Aniya may be young, but she’s got talent. People can’t get over how elaborate this cake is. User @holleywood_teaching replied, “THE TALENT!” Another commenter remarked, “Very Talented. I will put in an order soon.” @The Braider ❄️🥶 revealed, “You did that, sis.” @Bryanna Murphy commented, “Awww, and You’re Right here in Delaware. Where was this when I needed you.” @Nicki said, “I’m amazed how you & your kitchen stay clean throughout the process.” @AsianMartOfficial admitted, “Whoa, this is fire! Love it!”

Yes, we love the effort, and detail Aniya puts into her cakes. Many TikTok viewers inquired about her location because they wanted to place an order. At this time, she offers pickup and local delivery in Middletown, Delaware. If you’re interested in purchasing a cake or other baked goods, please complete the online order form. But if you’re not in her area, you can follow along with her creations on TikTok.