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Baker’s Easy ‘3-Ingredient’ Ice Cream Is a Game-Changer for Summer

Many things come to mind when the words ice cream get mentioned. Usually, “why aren’t we eating it right now” is what we’re thinking. But hey, why aren’t we? Ice cream is good any time of the day. Sure, we tend to eat it more during the warmer months. However, thanks to freezers, we keep ice cream stored year-round. In fact, we can celebrate the marvel of modern freezers by making homemade ice cream.

TikTok user @petitecakery flexes her ice cream making skills in her viral video. She shows us her three-ingredient ice cream recipe. Considering the price of groceries these days, less is more when shopping. No worries, though. This recipe couldn’t be any easier! Check it out!

How dare they film such a succulent dessert and not provide a free sample! That ice cream looks fantastic, and the people of TikTok are ready for it. User @Ashitanokanousei disclosed, “I JUST made ice cream like this today. How does TikTok always know??” Another user said, “I’m joining the never buying ice cream club now.” Yet another commenter replied, “Thank you. I’m going to give it a try.” @Chenese Bean reminisced, “Wow! I remember back when homemade ice cream was done by churning a machine for hours with ice & salt on top of it. Def trying this for my grandson.”

We’ve certainly improved the homemade ice cream game by removing the grunt work. Some users offered helpful suggestions. One user mentioned, “I always add a dash of salt. Game-changer!” @Purple life suggested, “I’m adding Oreo cookies.” @Elle Deco shared, “I made this with mint extract and chocolate chips.” If those recommendations don’t persuade you to make some ice cream, nothing will.

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