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Tim McGraw's Go-To Smoothie Recipe Is Going Viral Thanks to His 'Secret' Ingredient

Smoothies are all the rage these days, with people whipping up all sorts of tasty concoctions. Whether you drink them for breakfast, lunch, or as a post-workout pick-me-up, they're a healthy and easy way to get your nutrients in. Not surprisingly, celebrities are huge smoothie fans as well. 

Country singer Tim McGraw just shared his go-to smoothie recipe on TikTok, and the video already has over 2 million views. It's a simple blend with tasty ingredients like kale, avocado, apples, lemon, and ginger. But it's one addition in particular that is getting mixed reviews from fans. 

Yep. Jalapeno! If you're someone who likes spice, this probably sounds like a dream come true. Plus, if jalapenos really do kickstart the metabolism, who wouldn't want to get in on that action? Of course, if you're sensitive to heat, you might want to omit the steamy pepper when you try this recipe.

Commenters couldn't wait to weigh in with their opinions on the smoothie. @Rosita Brown said, "Not sure about that jalapeño, but I am going to try this." Another TikTok creator, @Kathey Gillum added, I"t sounds amazing I'm gonna try it. I love hot peppers and lemons." Then there is @hilcast3, who was impressed that Tim can take the heat, saying, No freaking way would I add jalapeños to my smoothies, they’re absolutely too HOT! And I’m Hispanic!!! Don’t know how you do it, Sir 😂."

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And @Just Getting By joked, "That looks like a run to the bathroom smoothie to me lol." HA! Perhaps, if jalapenos happen to upset your system!

Other people who watched the video suggested that Tim share more tips and tricks like this. We wonder what other tasty recipes he has in his arsenal?

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