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'Greek Tomato and Feta Cauliflower' Recipe Looks Out of This World

This next side dish is about to knock your sox off. This totally unexpected treat is a wonderful side to serve this fall. TikTok content creator @hungryhappens shares her unique and delicious recipe for Greek tomato and feta cauliflower with us. This easy side dish will easily become a family favorite.

You’ll love mixing up your meals with these veggies!

If you’re like us and you don’t find cauliflower a particularly alluring veggie, this succulent side might change your mind. We love everything about this beautiful dish. It’s such a nice change from our typical roasted veggies. At this point in the fall season, we’ve had enough spinach and squash, so this dish will be making an appearance on our table tonight.

This easy side starts by heating a pot with olive oil. Then, she adds diced onion, minced garlic, chunked cauliflower, and stewed tomatoes to the pot. After that, she pours the softened mixture into a baking dish and tops it with feta. Finally, it bakes until the cheese is melty and golden. This is so easy to prepare, it’s perfect for a weeknight. And it’s also fancy enough to serve with a nice meal, too. This is a wonderful and versatile dish that will stay in our recipe box.

The audience was excited about this healthy side, and @user4145392195170 commented, “Made tonight! Sooooo good. Thank you!!!” Viewer @brendawhite118 added, “Omg I have everything right now to make this. Genius.” It really is a sensational recipe. 

We're excited to mix up our veggies and we can’t wait to give this fantastic recipe a taste!