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Recipe for 'Tomato and Mascarpone Soup' Is the Fall Treat We All Deserve

There's nothing quite like an autumn day with crisp dry air, brightly-colored leaves, apple picking, harvest fairs, and cool nights spent around a campfire with friends. Content creator @jadecarolanfitness captures the beauty of a fall day, in this to-die-for soup

This healthy harvest masterpiece has us captivated for more reasons than one. Given that it's full of healthy veggies and smooth, creamy mascarpone cheese, it's easy to see why it's impossible to resist. In case that wasn’t enough to get your stomach growling, the recipe creator throws in a few slices of bread, adds some shredded cheese, and grills it to perfection to serve with the soup. It's the quintessential dipping companion! Wait until you see how beautiful this soup is.

We seriously cannot get over how incredible this soup looks. And the recipe is pretty easy-to-follow, too! She begins by using a large roasting pan, adds whole tomatoes on the vine, cherry tomatoes, peppers, onions, whole cloves of garlic, and fresh basil. Next, she gives them a sprinkle of salt and a splash of olive oil, then, this colorful mix roasts for about 45 minutes at 400 degrees, with the lid on the pan. Once the vegetables are soft and wilted, she removes the vines and stems, releases the garlic from the cloves, and then she uses an immersion blender to bring all of the vegetables together. Once throughly combined, she stirs creamy mascarpone cheese into the pureed base.

Viewers wasted no time trying this recipe out. One TikTok user, @JoeTetroe said, “Just saw this at 8:00am. In the oven by 8:30. Looking forward to lunch!” And commenter @coparentingspecialist echoed what a lot of us are thinking, saying, “You just took my childhood 'home from school sick lunch' to a whole new level”. Another great tip came from user @Tania, who said, “I do the same, but I add coconut cream. It’s absolutely fantastic! So easy.” We're joyfully overwhelmed by this spectacular fall recipe, and we may never be able to eat tomato soup from a can again.

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