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Woman's Story About Ordering 'Too Much McDonald's' Cracks Us Up

Let’s be honest, we all love McDonald’s! Except for the apple pie, the food tastes the same way it did when we were kids, and that nostalgic trip down memory lane always feels so nice. TikTok content creator @emily.sararas shares her McDonald’s drive-through story with us, and we're totally feeling her pain.

We've probably all done this before! Sometimes you just have to get your fry fix!

We're pretty of impressed that only two people were able to order enough to qualify as a "big order" at McDonald’s. Perhaps it was a slow day and everyone was just ordering coffee and an egg McMuffin. Or maybe it was a new guy who had never seen a big order before? Or maybe it’s because everything there tastes so tasty, it’s just hard to choose sometimes. We've all been there.

The audience was also empathetic, and viewer @Kristyn commented, “I can always tell I ordered too much sushi by the amount of chopsticks they add in the bag… umm, it’s just me, thanks.” We feel the same way when we order Chinese for 2 and receive 6 fortune cookies. Viewer @Kali noted,” once my husband, and I got a group discount at Carl's Jr, because we ordered so much food.” Viewer @alexis tells us, "As a former McDonald’s worker, they probably only had one person on the grill. No shame in what y’all ordered.” Phew, that makes us feel much better.

In case you were curious, she shared this follow-up video of what was actually in the order. We don't know about you, but now we have a hankering for a value meal.