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Cute Little 'Tortilla Egg Cups' Make Breakfast Fun

If you adore finding fun new ways to prepare your eggs, this recipe will delight you. This handheld breakfast idea looks positively delicious. TikTok content creator @kalejunkie shares her ever so easy egg recipe. And you can make pre-make breakfast for the whole week!

These tasty handheld cups will become part of your weekly menu.

How great do these look? And they're so easy to prepare, too. She uses a muffin tin to make these cups and inside each cavity; she places a small tortilla wrapper. Then, she cracks in an egg and adds her toppings. The toppings she chose for these cups are tomatoes, chives, and bacon. How yummy! Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until the eggs are done to your liking. You can prepare a batch of these at once, and either refrigerate and eat them for several days or you can freeze them too. This is a great way to have breakfast for your family all week without having to make a mess each morning. 

The audience was ready to try these cups. Viewer @JoeWesolowski commented, “That looks good. Similar to when I made egg cups using a slice of ham instead of tortillas.” That’s a wonderful GF and low card option! Viewer @PeachieBowler noted, “Looks good, but I'm going to need to add some cheese on top. Thanks for sharing.” We'll be topping ours with cheese, too, Viewer @GoldenGirl2727 commented, “I need to try this recipe.” 

This is the perfect grab and go breakfast for this busy season!

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