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'Truffle Hassleback Potato Gratin' Is an Absolute Masterpiece

Just when we think we've seen all the ways to prepare potatoes, another recipe comes along to prove us wrong. TikTok contact creator @samsterncooks shares his positively sinful recipe for hassleback potatoes au gratin. And they look totally unreal!

Save yourself the heartache and avoid this video if you're on a diet.

These potatoes have blown our minds. We love cheesy potatoes and we adore truffles, so this mix has us feeling all sorts of happy. In this recipe, he makes a creamy blend of freshly shredded cheese, milk, cream, and seasonings. He thinly slices the potatoes, leaving the base intact. Then, he rolls the potatoes around in that creamy mixture, to get it all into the slits. 

Next, he places potatoes in a baking dish and pours the remainder of that creamy sauce all over them. Cover and bake for 30 minutes; remove from the oven and bake for another 30 minutes or until they are golden brown. When these potatoes came out of the oven, we almost fainted. They look so insanely indulgent! The sensational spuds would go beautifully with a tenderloin or a crusty rib roast at the holidays, too.

The audience was also feeling the love for this dreamy recipe, and viewer @LeaMarieSims commented, “I need a cold shower now.” And commenter @Isla tells us, “Oh my dear God - I think I just let out a groan in a cafe watching this!” Too funny, but we understand completely!

We hadn't planned on making truffle hassleback potatoes gratin, but we're planning on it now. We think this might just be the perfect side dish for New Year's Eve, but something tells us we can't wait that long!