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Protein-Packed 'Tuna Egg Salad' Powers Up Lunch

This salad might be unique, but we think it just might be a total gem! Although it's a highly unexpected combination, we think you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by this protein-packed duo. TikTok content creator @janinehudz shares her tuna-egg salad recipe with us and we can't wait to make it.

The lunchtime twist will become a family favorite!

This combination actually also exits in a sandwich from a rest stop in Northern, Italy. The egg lightens up the heaviness of the tuna, while the tuna makes the egg feel more substantial. It’s a surprisingly delicious combo and we are so happy with this recipe and reminder! 

This hearty salad is made using diced hard-boiled eggs, tuna, diced red onion, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, diced celery, mustard, and seasonings. This easy salad can also be made using your favorite family recipe. She serves this tasty combination with crackers, but you can always make it into a sandwich if you'd prefer!

The audience was ready to give this sensational lunch idea a try. Viewer @STOCKBROKER_AIC commented, “Banging. I always thought I was weird because I love the tuna/egg combo. Seems like I’m not alone." Another TikTok user, @BrunelleSP added, "This, ladies and gentlemen, is to be had when alone. I love both, but boiled eggs and tuna combined are lethal to the nose!” That's also so very true!

This lunch won’t leave you feeling hungry, and it’s a delicious way to use up any extra eggs in the refrigerator! You'll adore this delightful pairing!