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Two Guys Making 100 Sandwiches for 100 Golfers Is a Hole in One

If you’ve ever prepared a meal for a large gathering, you know how exhausted you feel afterward. Just imagine trying to make 100 sandwiches for 100 hungry golfers. It was a reality for the guys in today’s post, and we can’t wait to see the finished food.

TikTok content creator @owen.han shared footage of him and a friend @bibigousa making 100 sandwiches for 100 golfers. We were tired after hearing they made 100 sandwiches. Someone give these guys a break.

Can you imagine having the job of making a large number of sandwiches for a group of athletes? Well, that’s exactly what content creator @owen.han and his friend @bibigousa did. They worked together as a team and made some yummy sandwiches. They used Hawaiian rolls, bacon, eggs, shallots, cheese, salt, pepper, and Gotchu Korean Hot Sauce. Our mouths couldn’t believe our eyes. We’d be happy to eat those after a game of golf any day.

Let’s find out how the TikTok viewers reacted to it. User @bibigo USA said, “Looking delish, AND filling! Thanks for coming out to The CJ Cup with us.” @Sebastian_wong replied, “I love it when there's no mayo.” @Miguel Angel Veronica Vargas wrote, “Excellent breakfast greetings.” @Andrew Dustin Vargas exclaimed, “100 sandwiches! Oh wow!” @That Apron Guy admitted, “Love it when you guys collab! MOAR NAO!” @gaby d95 wrote, “Looks good to me.” @RyukoSimp said, “Hawaiian rolls do go crazy.” @vapid revealed, “I want to eat a sandwich now.” 

Well, these guys know their way around a kitchen. We loved watching them in action. If you enjoyed the video and want more content, visit @owen.han and @bibigousa’s TikTok channels. You won’t be disappointed. 

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