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Video of Two Guys Trying Chamoy Pickles Is Tough to Watch but We Can't Look Away

Don’t you love trying new things? It could be a new store, restaurant, or movie theater, and the excitement will be elevated. That’s because new things are unknown to us. So, we look forward to exploring and seeing what we like and dislike. Trying new things isn’t restricted to those three things we mentioned. There is an entire world of new things to see and try. One of the best new things we love is food products. It’s great when a classic snack gets updated. But will the new version be better than the original?

In a TikTok video, content creator @tryguys conducts a taste test of The Big Tex Chamoy Dill Pickle by Alamo Candy Company. It comes in a sealed plastic wrapper. The red chamoy juice dripping off the pickle lets you know you’re in for an interesting eating experience. We’ve never seen a pickle that color.

We aren’t surprised that Big Tex Chamoy Dill Pickle is sour. Pickles are already bitter, so adding chamoy didn’t make it any sweeter. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to this product. User @Yasmine said, “Omg, Alamo Candy is in my hometown! Love their stuff.” @Katherine revealed, “’ The pickliest pickle that ever pickled’ - best quote EVER. LOL.” @Cassandra Guenther wrote, “I’ve never seen these guys' videos before, but Ned's drama brought me here.” @Ashley suggested, “Okay, but you gotta do the version where you wrap it on a Fruit Rollup.” @Rebecca Trevino disclosed, “As a Hispanic, I’m gonna order a dozen. Thank you.” @karen admitted, “I got chills just watching this.”

We got chills watching this, too, because it's a bit nippy outside. We’re not sure we’re brave enough to try The Big Tex Chamoy Dill Pickle. But we encourage those who enjoy spicy or sour foods to eat our share. If you liked the video as we did, visit @tryguys’ TikTok channel. You never know what shenanigans you’ll find.