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Ultimate 'Starbucks' Hack Even Has Coffee Barista Impressed

Our regular trips to Starbucks are usually filled with waiting in lines in the drive-thru. However, if you’re smart, you’ll use the app to order ahead and walk in to grab it. Either way, a trip to Starbucks always ends with happiness once that beverage is in our hands.

TikTok content creator @lyellgirl shared her Starbucks Hack that even impressed the barista helping her. We had no idea you could do this hack. This one is a serious game-changer

The Starbucks hack that she shared is really a brilliant idea. We didn’t know you could select the Café Misto drink, use 50 Stars, and the drink will be free. Our minds are blown because getting free Starbucks is something we all aspire to do. All that we can hope is that Starbucks won’t change the requirements for the free drink after seeing the video. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to this mind-blowing revelation. User @Therealellieh said, “Nooo! Now they will change the rules. Ugh. TikTok ruins everything.” @user3944737728739 joked, “My hack is to make my own coffee at home.” @LilyPine said, “Girl, take this video down! LOL. Amazing!” @user5290995725861 wrote, “Been doing this one for years!” @NS said, “Not me with 25 stars. LOL.” @Gorgeous replied, “I do that all the time!” @bob l’éponge revealed People at my store do this all the time. LOL.”

The TikTok community seemed to be split about this Starbucks hack. Some are happy to learn about it, but the ones that already use it fear it’ll be taken away. We get it. But let’s all enjoy it while we can. If you liked the video, visit @lyellgirl’s TikTok channel. 

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