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Woman Shares Her Grandma’s Cool Baking Hack and People Are Here for It

You probably like vanilla if you enjoy baking or snacking on baked goods. Vanilla has a beautiful smell and a subtly sweet taste. You can buy it in body sprays, candles, and diffusers. Yes, vanilla is a fantastic thing. But for bakers, it’s a necessity. Most cake and cookie recipes call for a least a splash of vanilla. However, those aren’t the only mixtures that call for vanilla. If you bake, you’ll need vanilla.

In a TikTok video by content creator @the_chubby_home_chef, she shares a secret her grandmother told her as a child. Now this hack may not apply to every version of the product. But it’s neat when it works out. How did we not already know this?

That’s so cool! We had no idea! If this is true for your vanilla extract cap, that’s useful. You won’t need a teaspoon. But are the TikTok viewers happy about this cool baking hack? User @LAUREN BARRUS said, “Yessss same.” @do0ders disclosed, “My momma also did this.” @sleeper.xx joked, “Unfortunately, you're actually supposed to measure vanilla with your heart, not with a spoon.” @🪐 said, “This would be awesome if my vanilla weren’t in a Masson jar.” @ChainmailleRose replied, “Mmm. It's not. I have two bottles of vanilla in my cupboard right now, and the caps are totally different sizes.”

Yes, @ChainmailleRose raises a valid point about the different cap sizes. We advise testing it out and seeing if this hack works for you. You might be surprised. Just because a cap is smaller doesn’t mean it’s not deep enough to fit a teaspoon of liquid. If you enjoyed this video, check out @the_chubby_home_chef’s TikTok channel. You may learn something new.

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