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Man Shares the 'Only Way We Should Eat Salmon' and the Viral Recipe Is Stunning

After you see this recipe, you will understand perfectly why the video has gone viral. Content creator @letsmunch levels up our expectations and brings us a whole new way to cook salmon. He has us completely convinced. This will be the only way we will ever want to eat salmon again.

This recipe is going to blow your mind. It certainly left our jaws on the floor!

Seriously, are you kidding us? We honestly didn’t know fish could be this delectable! He begins this mouthwatering creation by combining soy sauce, mirin, dark soy sauce, sesame oil, honey, and brown sugar. Then, he adds garlic, ginger, spring onions, cloves, and star anise. Oh. My Goodness. We are feeling faint at the very thought of this fragrant sauce. Add a dash of water and cook down the sauce until it’s nice and thick. Yesss.

In the next step, he places lemon slices on a sheet pan and positions the slab of salmon on top. He pours the magical sauce all over, and it goes into the oven. After mentally smelling that sauce, we imagine you’d find us glued to the oven door. He tops off this dish with a sprinkle of spring onions and sesame seeds! Yes, we must have this!

Viewer @user2902947154220 commented on this culinary masterpiece and added, “Mmm. I want to make this with a side of noodles.” That sure sounds like a terrific way to go! Viewer @P3ZCOOL commented, “A bit of sriracha if you like it spicy.” Sign us up.

We're looking forward to giving this recipe a try. We're very curious to know if this will be the only way we should eat salmon, too!