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'Warm Fall Pearl Couscous Salad' Is the Perfect Way to Kick Off the Season

Don’t you just love a warm fall salad? There is something so special about all of those harvest flavors. They're so just satisfying when combined with a warm grain and a tasty dressing. TikTok content creator @britacooks gives us some great ideas for making a filling fall salad that everyone will love!

This beautiful warm fall pearl couscous salad will inspire you!

Her sensational salad starts by using pearl couscous for the grain. Then, she adds in warm, cubed, roasted butternut squash, and sliced, roasted Brussels sprouts. We have to tell you, this is one of our all-time favorite veggie combinations. This is looking so darn good! A little roasted cauliflower is next, followed by baby arugula, a handful of sunflower seeds, and a sprinkle of cheese. Top this lovely work of art off with your favorite dressing and enjoy! We think a nice warm citrus dressing would be perfect. Yum! 

We love this entire salad, and we think the addition of fresh, honey crisp apples would also provide a nice, sweet crunch! We might also be inclined to throw in a few raisins. The audience shared their ideas, and @Suz suggested,“Happy to see fall recipes, although I’ll really miss tomatoes." Those sound great, too, especially if they're also roasted! Viewer @Paige asks, “Looks absolutely delicious! Where can I find the recipe?” The video’s creator @ britacooks replied, “Posting soon! I’ll comment back once it’s been posted.” Good to know! 

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This salad can be made to suit your personal tastes, and we know whatever flavorful fall veggies you choose, they'll all be delicious together!

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