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Woman’s Cool Watermelon Cutting Hack Is the Ultimate Game-Changer

If you’re thinking of visiting your local farmer’s market or grocery store, then pick up a ripe watermelon when you’re there. Watermelons are the best when served cut and cold. But getting those enormous melons divided into serve-able pieces can feel more like a job than enjoyable. It’s okay, though. Thanks to sharp knives, slicing into a watermelon has never been easier.

In a recent TikTok video by user @makeitlina, we’re shown a new way to cut up a watermelon. The days of struggling to slice them into pieces are over. We can’t believe the simple technique she used. We’ve been doing it wrong this whole time!

Wasn’t that an interesting way to cut a watermelon? Sure, she’s not re-inventing the wheel. However, she does offer a different way to tackle a somewhat tedious task. The TikTok community definitely appreciates this new hack. User @psychopath01 said, “Lol. I love to cut mine the same way. It’s just sooo good.” Another commenter exclaimed, “Neat idea!” @BBeautiful replied, “For a picnic, yes.” @Roooosie disclosed, “TikTok has taught me that my whole life, I’ve been doing everything wrong.”

We don’t think that’s true, @Roooosie, but TikTok does offer a lot of new ways to try things. Yes, many of the viewers stated there is no right way to cut a watermelon. This is also true. But we’re inclined to agree with @AngelStar14, who wrote, “This is smart. I love the method.” We do, too, and we’re attempting to use it the next time we want to divide up a watermelon!