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Teen’s Watermelon Drink Hack Gives Us Major Summer Vibes

Summer, summer, summertime is upon us. All you want to do is loaf around like a cat on those sticky hot days. Finding ways to stay cool is your biggest issue. One of the best ways to escape the heat is by hydrating. Drinking water is crucial when it’s hot outside. But sometimes, you want something a little stronger. 

In a TikTok video by content creator @quinnylepooh, she shows us the remedy to beat the heat. Her recipe appears simple yet satisfying. We think you’ll enjoy it. This looks so tasty and refreshing!

Now, doesn’t that look awesome?! We’d never thought to turn a watermelon into a drink. Watermelon is one of the best fruits to eat for its water. But using it as a drink hasn’t crossed our minds until now. People can’t wait to whip this beverage up. User @채영🤍 replied, “I tried this months ago. I made it for my whole family, and they liked it! Plus, me too!! @👧🏻 exclaimed, “I’m definitely going to try this out!” @Gianna disclosed, “Now, I’m going downstairs and doing this.” @Z 💜 explained, “I love these recipes… I’ve only made one so far. This is something I gotta try but substitute the watermelon for strawberries.” 

Yes, we love the idea of trying different fruit for this recipe too. Perhaps peaches might work for this drink too. But if you’re a watermelon lover, then this is a must-try. 

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