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Man's Over-the-Top Review of the 'T'Rex Burger' From 'Wendy's' Is Going Viral

In the world of fast food, it’s all about the latest trend. Sure, people love classics like burgers, cheeseburgers, and fries. But companies are always trying to revamp what’s been done. That’s the way they stay relevant. Fast food fads come and go. We remember the days of McDonald’s Mighty Wings or the Burger King Halloween Whopper. Those items arrived and went like the wind. However, that doesn’t mean all new fast food items will flop.

In a TikTok video by content creator @theglasssniper, he shares a review of the new Wendy’s T. Rex Burger. One look at this thing makes us question our ability to eat it. How can anyone even get their mouth around this thing?

There are so many things to unpack from this video. The $20.00 price tag is a great place to begin. Next, let’s talk about the one piece of lettuce. Finally, how the heck are you supposed to eat that burger? Honestly, ordering multiple burgers instead of a big one makes more sense. But that’s our opinion. Let’s see how the TikTok community reacted to it. User @Jen wrote, “It’s the ONE leaf of lettuce for me, cuz. Ya know. healthy.” @Willdot replied, “It's cheaper to buy 3 Baconaters and assemble.” @Jordan Nicole Hogue remarked, “I need to see what the receipt says. Do they really ring it up as a T. Rex burger?”

We’re positive they ring it up as a T.Rex burger. If you’re interested in eating one, head to your local Wendy’s. If you make it through in one sitting, please let us know. To stay updated on new content, visit @theglasssniper’s TikTok channel. You won’t be disappointed.

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