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Man’s Fun ‘Which Came First’ Food Quizzes Are Keeping People Guessing

When many of us go out to eat, we enjoy staying active while waiting for our meals. Depending on the type of restaurant, there could be trivia games and quizzes available at your table. Sometimes, questions are displayed on a large tv so more people can play. If you enjoy testing your pop culture or food skills, we’ve got the perfect TikTok channel.

@agentwesley_’s TikTok channel is a treasure trove of short quizzes. The topics range from ice cream to stink bugs. But in today’s video, he’s asking three different taco-related ‘which came first questions.’ The questions appear easy, but all is not what it seems. People are surprised by how many answers they get wrong!

How well did you score? See! The answers weren’t so easy, now were they? It’s okay. We’re all humans here. We’re confident the TikTok viewers didn’t score 3/3 either. Let’s find out. User @✞ revealed, “FINALLY! After a month of 2/3, I finally got them all right!” @Kaassap disclosed, “I got them all wrong.” @TikTok.kebab.raider said, “Thanks for the smile.” @Bloodline replied, “I got every single one wrong.” @Vincent K stated, “First and last were easy. Just think about how the hard shell came to be. They fried the soft shell.” Well, we can’t argue with that type of logic!

We can’t all be winners. Even we didn’t get a perfect score. However, we won’t tell you how we did because we’d have to charge you. But when you’re in the mood to play, visit @agentwesley_’s TikTok channel. Who knows. You might get lucky and win.

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