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Instant Pot Recipe for 'White Chicken Enchiladas' Is a Low-Carb Lover's Dream

Enchiladas are not typically a food we think of as Keto-friendly. If you’ve been loyal to your low-carb diet but have a hankering for some delicious Mexican food, this next recipe is going to make your day. TikTok content creator @kristysketolifestyle shows us how to make low-carb enchiladas in the Instant Pot, and they look amazing!

You’ll love adding these enchiladas to your low-carb menu!

These look way too good to be low-carb! We love how easy it is to make the chicken for this recipe in the Instant Pot. Her trick for shredding the chicken in the mixer is brilliant, and you won’t burn your fingers anymore. That beautiful cheesy sauce for the top of the enchiladas looks better than any you could buy at the store. Yum! 

For the wraps, she uses low-carb tortillas and stuffs them with the shredded chicken. Then she pan fries them, to get them nice and crispy. This extra step is our favorite part! Then, they are off to bake in the oven in that beautiful sauce, with some extra freshly shredded cheese. When they emerge, they look positively show-stopping.

The audience was loving this recipe, too, and viewer @messlerjean commented, “I made it last night, and it is now our favorite meal!!!!” Viewer @Burrito619 commented, “I have made these for a while and I never thought about pan-searing them first!! Great idea, I am going to try this tonight!” We think both are great ideas.

If you’re not on a low-carb diet, we’re sure that you could try regular flour or corn tortillas instead. Either way, this meal is sure to be a hit in your house, too!