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Husband Admits His Wife Goes to the Movies Just for Popcorn and We're Here For It

If you’re like us, you’ve been going to the movie theater for as long as you can remember. Some of us remember our first movie in the theater. Others were too young to remember that monumental event. Going to the movie theater is exciting, especially when you’re hyped to see a new film. But there is more to see a movie than the film. No cinematic experience would be complete without snacks. Sure newer theaters offer full-blown meals with service. However, if you’re at a standard theater, the old staples of popcorn, soda, and candy are still the top choices.

In a recent TikTok video by content creator @samjayco, he films his wife walking out of a movie theater. But she’s not empty-handed. He reveals his wife does something unique at the movie theater. She goes there simply to purchase popcorn and bring it home. This isn't difficult to believe if you enjoy movie popcorn as much as we do. Who can blame her?

We think it’s adorable that her husband waits patiently outside while she’s inside getting her popcorn fix. Her slow walk to the car shows her engagement with her new popcorn bucket. Let’s see if the TikTok community can relate to her love for movie theater popcorn. User @❤️❤️TANYA❤️❤️ revealed, “Don't feel bad. I do the same. LOL.” @NoCallerID said, “It’s definitely the butter or whatever else they put in it because mine does the same thing. Hahaha.” @K disclosed, “You can order it on UberEats too.” @Viet Dao suggested, “Buy her a popcorn machine for Xmas.”

That’s a wonderful Christmas gift suggestion. Let's hope he films her using it if he follows through and buys her one. If you enjoyed this video as we did, please visit @samjayco’s TikTok channel. You’ll be thankful you did.