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Husband's Joke About Wife's 'Salad' Order Getting Messed Up Has Us in Stitches

We all know how important it is to eat healthy, but as food lovers, it can be hard to prioritize health over a delicious meal. We'll often go out to eat and say we're going to get a healthy meal, but we end up ordering the opposite. One husband joked about this with his wife in their viral TikTok video.

TikTok content creator @daveandjanie shared a video of the moment the couple got their food at Chipotle and Janie's order wasn't quite what she said she was going to get. Her husband calls her out on it, and what she says is hilarious. Check out the video to see what her response is when her husband tells her that he thought she was getting a salad!

LOL, this is too funny! Janie says that they must have "messed up" her order, and then tells her husband that she can see some lettuce in her burrito, so they must have put the salad in the wrap. We know that there have been a few times we justified a Chipotle order because we put lettuce in it.

People in the comments found Janie very relatable. @dan1991_reyes said, "It happens to me all the time," and @highspeedtek commented, "I eat that salad all the time." We have to admit, we're guilty of also ordering this 'salad' when we go to Chipotle!

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Others played along with the joke. @atthelefthandovgod commented, "She's so sweet for not complaining to staff about it. Don't want anyone to get into trouble!" Another user, @sherrymarks75, said, "As long as you see that shredded green stuff in there we all should be good!" If it has lettuce, then it's automatically healthy. Those are the rules of a food lover.

Honestly, her burrito looks delicious, and we think Janie made the right call to eat that instead of a salad!

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