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Wife Accuses Husband of Stealing Her Fries and Her Attempt to Prove It Is Epic

When you’re a couple, “I” becomes “we.” You tend to share everything. Secrets. Jokes. Sometimes a living space. But certain things might be more difficult to share. So, what might take a little more effort to fork over? Hmm. Maybe, the remote control. Or perhaps the bed. Yes, some people enjoy having space when they sleep. But in this re-uploaded viral TikTok video which initially gained over 6.7M views, something else isn’t shared easily.

TikTok users @The.VerseFamily shared a comedic moment while dining out. Some of you might have seen the clip before. But those who haven’t witnessed their hilarious exchange are in for a treat. Warning. Catching your husband taking your fries is a severe offense. She caught him red-handed. However, her reaction is priceless.

She wasn’t playing about her fries! Haha! Counting out the number aloud added a more dramatic effect. But keep in mind they were only joking. Of course, some TikTok viewers missed the humor. But plenty of people totally caught on. User @Matthew Daniel asked, “Is it ever that serious? LOL.” @Kxng Ice joked, “Lil mama always defending her food. LMAO.” @Vane wondered, “Why is everyone saying to break up with her? Y’all can’t take jokes.”

We agree with @ Vane that this was clearly a gag. However, some viewers already knew it. User @Jose Castillo revealed, “Real fans know this is a re-upload.” Yes, we’re positive their long-time followers knew they’d seen this video before. But it’s okay. We’re thankful they uploaded this again. We look forward to more playful marital clips in the future. Hopefully, she’ll take his fries next time.

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