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Cool Ice Cube Tray Wine Hack Is the Happy Hour Upgrade We All Need

Summertime equals fun time. Longer days. More sunshine. Hanging out with family and friends. It’s one of the best times of the year. But do you know how to increase your summer fun? With cocktails! These refreshing drinks are the perfect way to unwind after work. While some people do not drink alcohol, a cocktail doesn’t need liquor to taste good. However, in the case of TikTok content creator @kalejunkie’s new ice cube tray hack, alcohol is included.

The recent video details how to make a delicious wine cocktail using an ice cube tray. The outcome is a beautiful mixture that’s perfect for happy hour. But there’s no need to worry about ruining your appetite because it’s a no-sugar-added libation. Get ready to see what fantastic trick @kalejunkie has for us now. Summer cocktails just got a whole lot better.

Talk about an easy fix to your cocktail needs! Her hack is so simple yet, we’re surprised we didn’t think of it. We know the TikTok community must be falling all over this idea because why wouldn’t you? Fellow hack queen @Shannon Doherty wrote, “Yum!” Chef Mom @katcancook said, “Love the color!” The Mom Meter @shumibrody exclaimed, “Oh wow!!! I’m making this!!!!” User @Wimberley replied, “You’re talking my language. Looks delish!!”

We completely agree this cocktail looks terrific. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make suggestions. User @Sania & Family asked, “Can you do a mocktail series too?” @kalejunkie happily replied, “yessssssssss!!$” So, stay tuned for those recipes. I’m sure we’ll love those as well.

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