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Woman Spends an Entire Day Eating at 'Costco' and People Are Here for It

Trips to the wholesale stores are a treasured outing for many people. Getting to walk around a warehouse and shop is fantastic. There are so many items packed under one roof. A person can get lost in the land of variety! But what happens after you’ve burned off your breakfast or lunch? The hunger returns with a vengeance. Not to worry, Costco has a solution.

TikTok user @karissaeats’ recent video has over 459.9K views. Users are living vicariously through her trip to the wholesale giant. It’s easy to see why. One of the best parts of Costco is obviously the food. Check out what happens when she spends the entire day eating there. 

We’re not drooling, you’re drooling! Ha! Karissa’s snack options look terrific. We’re all about the muffins and pizza. But what do TikTok viewers say about her food selection? User @Muree Mae said, “That sundae has me by my soul.” @vivian replied, “Costco pizza is the best pizza.” @How do I close gta remarked, “Costco food is the best and cheap.” @Joann Abaygar announced, “I love their hot dogs!” Another user informed us that, “The Costco in Canada has poutine.” Now, that’s worth a trip up north.

However, TikTokers also provided suggestions for @karissaeats to try during her next Costco run. @Greg Y said, “You forgot the rotisserie chicken.” @scampbell133 suggested, “The churros.” @Kayla Gross recommended,” If you heat the chocolate muffin up, it’s amazing when the chocolate chips are melty.” Mmm, these all sound like great advice. We'll take our long hot dog and drink to go, please and thank you.

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