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Video of Woman Enjoying Her Fast-Food Meal After Being Pulled Over Is Going Viral

Getting pulled over by the police is a scary experience. Even if you’ve only committed a minor offense, it can still leave you shook. But what happens if you’re driving home to eat dinner and those flashing lights startle you? Would your appetite completely go away, or would the hunger kick into overdrive because of the stress?

In a recent viral TikTok video by @moondawg08, we see a firsthand account of a woman getting stopped by the cops. The tears on her face let us know she’s scared of what might happen. However, her next move catches you off guard. But we suppose the smell of Wendy's in the car was too much to ignore. She’d just picked up her meal and wanted to eat it while it’s hot. Can anyone blame her? What she says made us LOL.

HA! Some people are emotional eaters. We’ll include @moondawg08 in that group because even her shaking hands lifted the chicken sandwich to her mouth. Haha! People are getting such a kick out of this video. User @batshitcrazybarbie said, “HAHA, The tears. The shaking. The chicken sandwich. It’s a literal movie production.” @Wendy’s replied, “Totally appropriate. We got you, Moon Dawg.” @Cameron Guill wrote, “Aw, I feel this. :( I shake so much when I get pulled over.”

It's nice to see the TikTok community and Wendy’s supporting @moondawg08. However, a few people did offer some advice. @Mustang Sally suggested, “It's not against the law, but in general, you should refrain from reaching for something in the car during a traffic stop.” Yes, this is good advice to follow. But at least she got to taste her warm food, so it was worth it to us.

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