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Woman's Reacts to 'Doreeshas Flavad Puurckles' and We're So Intrigued

Do you enjoy eating pickles? That’s fabulous because so do we. Pickles are the best, especially when they’re crisp. However, not all pickles come in a jar.

In a TikTok video, content creator @auntieamandalee_ shares her reaction to Doreesha Flavad Puurckles. It’s just a fancy way of saying flavored pickles. But hey, we love the lingo and the look of those things. We can't wait to try them!

OMG, those Ghetto Punch (GP) and Spicy Pineapple. Those flavors are calling our names. We can’t believe someone finally created a brand of pickles we can truly savor. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted to the first two flavors she tried. User @Melissa • Health & Fitness exclaimed, “I love that they are sliced!” @Jackie staxx joked, “Y’all sit here and complain about smacking but still watch the video.” @Sassy Sweet Cheeks revealed, “Just ordered five bags. Can’t wait!” @AkLittleToni disclosed, “Raise your hand if you’ve eaten way too many pickles since watching Auntie here, and now you’re on pickle-free October.” Well, these seem like winners. Let’s move on to the second video.

Now, @auntieamandalee_ is back with the second part of her reaction to Doreesha Flavad Puurckles. She reviewed Bussin Berry, Spicy Mango, and Watermelon in this video. We can’t believe these pickles aren’t viral yet. Well, let’s hope these videos get the word out. Let’s see how the TikTok viewers reacted. User @JayLove teased, “Auntie, you like everything.” @Jenny Wong said, “Got them. Thanks, auntie.” @Chloe Cognevich wrote, “That looks so good.” @Audrey wrote, “I don't even like pickles but watching you eat them makes me wanna try.” 

The Doreesh Flavad Puurckles are making an impression on people. We look forward to trying them. We’ll be smacking on them too. If you enjoyed the video, please visit @auntieamandalee_’s TikTok channel. It’s full of favorites you have to see to believe.