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Video of Woman Sharing Snacks With a Child on a Plane Is a Breath of Fresh Air

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Being able to travel is a fantastic thing. Book your transportation and hotel room, pack your bags, and head out the door. Sometimes we toss our belongings into the car, unaware of the destination. Whatever your situation, there is one thing you’ll need regardless of your journey. Snacks. Car rides, plane rides, and train rides all require food breaks. But stopping for an entire meal can cut down on travel time. Plus, not all plane rides are long enough to offer a meal. Therefore, packing something to eat is the way to go.

In an adorable TikTok video by content creator @rttchelsea, she takes us along on her plane ride. But we didn’t expect to see such a cute encounter. Get ready to smile. What a kind, sweet gesture she made!

Oh, my goodness. The little hand reaching through the seats took us out. But we weren’t ready for the hand-holding. Let’s see if the TikTok community enjoyed this mother-son moment. User @holdthesalt1 said, “I feel like this is what my 2-year-old would do. LOL.” @Jonesthegarbageboi replied, “Stop it! Why is this so cute?” User @Brittanys dazzling r wrote, “Your baby is cute.” @Tarra revealed, “Awe, I love how he was ‘ok, mommy, thanks for the snacks now please hold my hand!’ My favorite part.”

Watching her share the gummy worms and her attention is the best part of the video. Let’s hope they enjoyed their trip. If you want to keep up with @rttchelsea’s family, visit her TikTok channel. It’s full of wholesome mommy content. Unfortunately, you’ll have to bring your own gummy worms.