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Woman Swears This Keto McDonald's McNugget Copy-Cat Recipe Tastes Like the Real Deal

Guilt-free McDonald's? Yes please!

No matter what your scruples are, be they health related or politically motivated, you can't deny there is something addictive about a McDonald's chicken nugget. The breading, the spice, the crunchy-ness, all of it tastes sinfully delicious and just hits the spot. However if you're focusing on a keto friendly diet, those nuggets are super off the table for you.

If there is one thing keto practitioners are good at, it is finding a "cheat code." And oh baby, did keto coach Aly Tambini find the perfect McDonald's copy-cat nugget recipe out there.


With not a crumb of breading, she whipped up nuggets that look almost exactly like the big chains. She took a few cans of shredded chicken, parmesan cheese, a blend of spices, eggs and a bit of olive oil and mixed them thoroughly. She was able to roll out about 12 nuggets form the mixture and popped them in the over until they were crispy on both sides. Dip it in a bit of ketchup and BOOM. McDonald's chicken nuggets keto-style. 

We bet not even the kids would complain about this little swap. 

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